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June 2004


This newsletter will provide short "techie" news items that are likely to be of interest and use to small nonprofits, schools and community technology centers. It will be sent out on an irregular schedule (no more than once a month) whenever a sufficient number of items have accumulated.

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Automating hard disk defrag in W2K
With Windows 98 and XP, scheduling a disk defragmentation process from the command line is built into the operating system, but W2K doesn't permit scheduling (for explanation, see TechRepublic article <>. The solution is an open source program from MorphaSys called AutoDeFrag that allows you to schedule defrag in Windows 2000 <>.

Alternative method of defrag (courtesy of Steve Bass at PCWorld)
"Dig This: Years ago, in the '286 days, I wrote a parody suggesting that spraying WD-40 could speed up floppy drive access. Here's something fresh (if you're a novice, remember, this is satire): a site with handy instructions for defragging your hard drive. [Thanks, David B.]"

Make .PDF files for free with any fax machine
Any fax sent to fax no. (+372) 611 991 214 8191 0524 will be automatically converted into PDF-file <> and after few minutes the generated file is available for download. The service is completely free. It is provided "as is" basis, completely free - except for the price of normal call to Estonia!

More Google
Just when you thought the Google Toolbar <> was the greatest thing since sliced bread, along comes another invaluable add-on to Google. MoreGoogle <> adds features such as site preview images, site ranking indicators, statistics and an Open-in-New-Window-button to Google.

What are all those mysterious programs running in my Task Manager?
The invasion of Spybots and other Trojans has made us more aware of the numerous background processes running on our Windows machines. In Win2K, Ctrl-Alt-Del will bring up the Task Manager and show you a list of those processes, but who knows whether "lsass" and "dllcmd32" are goodies or baddies? Here's a website that will tell you all you need to know about these programs:

Zip up your backups
Zip Backup to CD <>. It creates ZIP archives of your data. You can configure it to run on a schedule, and save to any location (not just a CD). It skips locked files.

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