Technical Consulting

Education Services

  • Develop methodologies for the delivery of consulting services to schools and community-based educational organizations
  • Develop projects with clients and provide oversight during the completion of the project
  • Technology assessment and planning, including obtaining and installing recycled computers
  • Technical assistance and problem solving for low-income schools
  • Create and manage on-site Technology Team

Nonprofit Services

  • Technology Assessment and Planning
    Careful planning before beginning a technology project is crucial, no matter the scale. This service includes:
    • assessing your current systems
    • analyzing your needs and goals
    • researching and recommending directions for improvement
    • helping you budget the time and money needed for implementation.

    I am familiar with a wide range of computer, network, database, web and Internet technologies, and can advise you about implementation during the planning process. I have experience working within the constraints typical of nonprofit enterprise and prefer affordable, efficient, effective solutions to bleeding-edge latest developments.

  • Web Design
       Web services include:
    • Organize website content and navigation based on user experience
    • Design and implement new website look and feel
    • Aid in basic website maintenance
    • Training in basic HTML, website design and management
    • Image scanning and optimization, and training in use of scanners and image processing

  • Meeting facilitation
  • Training in Action Planning, Event Planning, Public Speaking, Meeting Management
  • Emate hinge spring refurbishing and repair


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