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January 2005


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Tired of registering at websites?
Do you dislike giving every online news site you visit your personal information. It's an invasion of privacy and very annoying. Many people use fake data for these annoying -- and sometimes lengthy -- registration forms. Try, a useful site that offers a database of accounts -- passwords and user IDs -- that gain access to registration-required news sites.

Finding files
Once installed, it quickly builds a database of the non-system files on your computer's hard drive, then indexes the contents of many commonly used types of files -- Web pages viewed in Internet Explorer, e-mail read in Microsoft's Outlook and Outlook Express mail programs, America Online instant messages, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, and text files.

Connect anything to your computer
How to find a cable that matches your device with your computer:

Looking for a free FTP program?
It seems that several FTP programs that used to be free, like WS_FTP_LE, aren't anymore. Try OpenSource FileZilla <>. It has all the features that WS_FTP had, including saving the local and remote default directories (something other free FTP programs do not do).

More on Spyware
What appears to be an unbiased (academic) test of about 20 anti-spyware scanners against over 60 adware and spyware programs in 3 separate (collections) tests with methods, designs, lessons, conclusions, and pointers to major forums. Thanks to Scott Coletti of CTAP1 for pointing out this resource:

Speed up Adobe Acrobat Reader
Is one of the reasons you don't click on that PDF link because Acrobat takes so long to open? The splash screen sits there telling you about all the plugins and DLLs that its installing, and you wonder if you need them all? Well, you don't! Adobe Reader Speed-Up will significantly speed up the loading of Reader: <>.

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