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September 2005


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Cleaning Word-created HTML code
The Office HTML Filter is a tool you can use to remove Office-specific
markup tags embedded in Office 2000 documents saved as Hypertext Markup
Language (HTML).
<> [Thanks to Ed Batista <> ]

Online Storage
Sometimes one has the need for the security of an extra backup of critical
files and a secure accessible location to keep it. Perhaps your
grandmother's garage is not the easiest place? StreamLoad offers both free
and fee-based service, and I found the upload and download process easy to
navigate and stored critical files from our school lab over the summer:

Copernic Desktop Search
Better than Google Desktop Search, less security risk, organizes the search
results by file type, size or date, generates a preview screen to show you
the context of your search term in the listed document or file.

Gmail drive shell extension
The Gmail Drive shell extension - which accesses your Gmail as if it were
another hard drive on your computer - has been updated recently. A small
Windows app that lets you access your Gmail 2GB in Windows Explorer, as if
it were just another hard drive on your computer. Drag and drop big or
small files to your Gmail drive, and access them from any computer
connected to the web via the Gmail email interface.

"Ever hit 'delete' and wished you could undo it? FreeUndelete helps you
rescue data that would otherwise be lost. It works on any NTFS file system,
the default file system used by Windows NT, 2000, and XP. FreeUndelete
lives up to both halves of its name, undeleting your files and doing it for
free: free of charge, free of ad-ware, free of spyware." PCWorld Download:

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