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December 2006


Wishing you all an enjoyable holiday season and hoping that the return to work or school routine will not be too stressful. Thank you for subscribing to my occasional e-Newsletter. Please forward it to friends and colleagues who might find it useful.

Best wishes for 2007,

How do I use this RSS thing?
RSS is designed to send you notice when websites and blogs are updated, so you don't have to browse through all your bookmarks to see if anything changed. There are two ways to use RSS, one is by installing a "reader" program on your computer and having it running all the time. The icon in your task bar changes color when there are updates that you haven't read.
These programs are called "aggregators." The other way is to use a webpage as an aggregator. My Yahoo <> is one such, if you already have a Yahoo username, you login and click on MyYahoo and see some pre-set subscriptions already setup. Google Reader <> is another.

This site has some good info about spam, spammers, and protecting your email address:

Gmail - use that space
Gmail accounts currently come with 2.66GB of storage (email me if you want a Gmail invitation). Most of us will never use half of that for mail. Instead, use your account for web-based file storage. Bjarke Viksoe's Gmail Drive <> adds an extra drive to your Windows Explorer allowing you to drag-n-drop files that then get sent to your account where they are stored as attachments.

Password Recovery
Have you ever been completely unable to find the Administrator password for a Windows 2K or XP computer? There is a service that may be able to help you: <> It is supposed to free if you don't mind waiting a few days, but one person who used it told me she was charged $15.

Emailing large files
Large email attachments can be a problem for some people, either because they are on dial-up or because their Internet service provider has file size limits, or because their computer security setup doesn't like it. I read in PCWorld about a service called and tried it out. The recipient gets a link to the file, a note from me, and the information that the file will be deleted after 7 days. I think the message is clear and I like it that the file is deleted after 7 days.

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